Induction/Freshers | 18-22 September

I’ve just moved into my accommodation in Peel Park Quater, Salford, and it’s welcome week at the University, and it’s also freshers!

Moving in wasn’t so bad, tiring mostly. and it took me a while to get my room the way I wanted, but after many adjustments I got it sorted then went shopping, not realising how much I would actually have to spend when I had no pot noodles in my cupboard and no frozen pizzas in my freezer.  I shopped at Aldi because I figured that’s the cheapest place to go.

I shopped at Aldi because I figured that’s the cheapest place to go. I ended up spending just short of £50, and I almost fell over when I saw the total. Praise the lord for overdrafts! The funny thing is, when I’d packed it all away, it didn’t look like that much, but I guess that’s the way it is when you move into your own place instead of with your parents.

I have 5 other flatmates in my flat, 4 girls and 1 guy, all of them are really nice. All of us also made friends with the flat next door and have been hanging out quite a lot. As for the other 2 flats on our floor, we don’t know any of them, every time I said hi to someone I got a weird look or no reply…

So, as it was also freshers this week, the two of our flats planned to go to the first freshers event at Factory, a popular club in Manchester – however, when we got there, the line was ridiculously long, and I wasn’t about to wait there for an hour, wearing basically nothing, so I took my new found friends to Gay Village!! My favourite clubbing destination in the city! We had a great time, cheap drinks, and a bunch of eye-candy!!

The next day was the start of my induction sessions. My first welcome week session was an introduction to my course, Business Information Technology (with placement year). We were introduced to our programme leader, who talked to us about what to expect at uni, timetables, attendance, and all that stuff you get told when you start a new academic career.

Throughout the week our other sessions would include a group project, which was aimed at making you work in groups to get to know everyone. (I didn’t end up doing the project, I was hungover all week). So, I actually only went to maybe 2 or 3 of the sessions on my timetable for that week, most of them were for the project. Instead, I was at my flat getting to know all the people I was going to spend the next year with, and getting drunk…

I skipped a lot of the other freshers events, mostly because I had next to no cash, I had already exhausted my credit card limit and my overdraft!! I did go to one of the other freshers events later in the week, which was at The Birdcage, another popular destination for the students of Manchester. We had our pre-drinks in our flat and then got our taxis to the club, all of us really excited about the night, when we finally managed to get to the end of the queue, ready to go in… I forgot my ID!! WHY, HOW???!?!?!

Now really pissed off, I got a taxi back to my accommodation, picked up my ID and some more cash, and went back to the club only to see a line of around 250 people when I got back, great! So what did I do? I called my friend and asked him to come to gay village with me. I was freezing, because I didn’t have a coat or anything and it was about 7 degrees, so I practically sprinted to the club, we danced the night away to Britany, Beyonce, Gaga and all the other iconic artists you expect to hear in a gay club. The best part? Drinks were £1.60!!

That was the last time I went out in freshers week, because frankly I was pissed off because every attempt at getting into one of the clubs failed, and I was too poor to carry on, so instead I partied at my flat with flatmates, much cheaper! I will say though, waking up to the bomb that exploded in the kitchen the day after was not fun, so many bottles and too many spillages.

I also took a trip to MediaCity this week, I went with 2 of my flatmates just to get out of the flat. What a gorgeous destination, 20 minutes from the University is filled with buildings owned by ITV, BBC, the Lowry and much more. It’s such a beautiful sight to behold, especially the first time you see it.

So, that was my first week, it mostly consisted of me getting annoyed at bouncers, ending up in gay village and getting drunk, pretty standard for me really…

Next week is the start of my actual lectures, seminars and practical, so watch out for that post next Friday!